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The Piri Reis Map

Esoteric Date Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

The Piri Reis Map, shown below, is the oldest surviving map to show the Americas. It is not European, surprisingly, but Turkish. It bears a date of 919 in the Moslem calendar, corresponding to 1513 in the Western Calendar. It is in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, a fabulous museum and the locale for a truly awful movie in the late 1960′s. (I’ve been there – the real place bears no resemblance to the place in the movie.) The map was lost for a long time and only rediscovered in the 20th century.


Bat Pat 2. brujas a medianoche (tomo 2)
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Atlantis and Lemuria
Comprension y Lectura del Lenguaje no Verbal (NeuroNegociacion)

Esoteric Date Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

A lot of very interesting information…

The origin of the Atlantean continent is obscured in the misty period of prehistory. Indeed, even psychic records are hard to understand, for the earth’s surface has changed many times during even this cycle.

When man entered this earth as man, according to the Edgar Cayce readings, Atlantis was a great continent lying in what is now the Atlantic Ocean between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea.


The Maya Calendar

Esoteric Date Monday, April 10th, 2006

The Maya Calendar was the center of Maya life and their greatest achievement. The Maya Calendar’s ancestral knowledge guided the Maya’s existence from the moment of their birth and there was little that escaped its influence.

This website is constantly growing and intends to provide a full view of Maya culture, being that the Maya world was centered on the calendar this name is more than appropriate for the Maya World Studies Center website.


Secrets of the Vatican

Esoteric Date Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Of all the vexing questions surrounding the widespread and on-going clergy sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps the ones involving the Pope are among those most begging for an answer. For such a centralized, authoritarian organization headed by one single man, the Pope, the key Watergate-type question of “what did he know and when did he know it?” is crucial to any understanding of the full dimensions of the crisis.

The Roman Catholic Church has a long tradition of policing its own, however poorly it may have done the job. The hierarchy fought hard for the privilege as soon as Christianity was first legalized by the Roman Empire, and has guarded it jealously ever since. During the Middle Ages, in most countries, clerics were to be tried in ecclesiastical courts, and if found guilty, sent to ecclesiastical prisons run by the Inquisition.


Guía de recomendaciones para evitar las caí­das de altura (Manual docente universitario. Área de Enseñanzas Técnicas)
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The Bermuda Triangle

Esoteric Date Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Bermuda-Triangle.Org is the web site of Gian J. Quasar. It originally began in 1999 as the his massive database on the Bermuda Triangle until the publication of his book, Into the Bermuda Triangle. Now it is also the personal website of the author, not only containing the Bermuda Triangle database but keeping everyone updated on his several other books, events and projects.


Spontaneous Human Combustion

Esoteric Date Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

For as yet scientifically unknown reasons, times occur when an unsuspecting person can just burst into flames and be incinerated.
The flames begin within the victim’s own body and are horribly complete in their work, reducing their human fuel to a pile of ashes in minutes — sometimes seconds. The whole event is so quick and selective that objects near the victim show only minor heat damage, if any at all; sometimes, even the victim’s clothes are left untouched.
These inner flames have been occurring for as long as mankind has existed; but most coroners, pathologists, scientists, and fire officials ignore such evidence, blithely choosing much neater and less controversial explanations for these unexplained deaths.


One Piece Nº60

Politicas Poeticas Y Practicas Ar (Mayor)
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Esoteric Date Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

We present information and tools to help you through the major changes taking place on Planet Earth now. This site and our catalogue cover: the Mayan calendar and prophecies, time acceleration, the frequency rise on Earth to a 12 hour day, the Quickening, Philadelphia and Montauk experiments in time, free energy, DNA upgrades, UFOs, extraterrestrials, the shift to 4th and 5th dimension, the Ascension, the synchronisation of earth with the universe.


La Venganza De Siete (FICCIÓN YA)

Earth Mysteries: Stonehenge

Esoteric Date Thursday, March 30th, 2006

The megalithic ruin known as Stonehenge stands on the open downland of Salisbury Plain two miles (three kilometres) west of the town of Amesbury, Wiltshire, in Southern England. It is not a single structure but consists of a series of earth, timber, and stone structures that were revised and re-modelled over a period of more than 1400 years. In the 1940s and 1950s, Richard Atkinson proposed that construction occurred in three phases, which he labelled Stonehenge I, II, IIIa, IIIb, and IIIc. This sequence has recently been revised in Archaeological Report (10) published by English Heritage.


Prophets and Prophecies

Esoteric Date Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Various prophets and prophecies in an interesting website.

Most prophecies are channeled information recorded in one form or another by the prophets old and new. They speak about our timeline as the return to a Golden Age after the chaos of physical reality, and the restorations of souls through healing, balance, and awareness, in the alchemy of time and consciousness. Prophecies sometimes mention the return of a savior, in the light, to guide the way.


Loch Ness Monster

Esoteric Date Friday, March 24th, 2006

A lot of misteries around this subject…

The 1970′s were a very busy time on Loch Ness for ‘Nessie Hunters’. One of these hunters was Dr Robert Rines, who in 1970 used sonar on Loch Ness which provided more proof that large objects inhabit the Loch.Dr Rines, President of the Academy of Applied Science, Boston, Massechusetts, led a team which was to put their sonar equipment to such good use, that on the 20th of September that year it detected objects intruding into its beam at the same time as fish were seen to be disturbed. During the summer of 1972 Dr. Rines returned to the Loch bringing with them an Edgerton underwater stroboscopic camera and more sonar equipment.